The goal of this project is to reduce fear of the unknown by exploring different themes. The human instinct to fear what is not understood is in itself a cause of regression and a blockage for growth individually and globally. By reducing fear, we can expand the growth of consciousness for a more prosperous and peaceful future for all.

The wall-art on timace is created by the collaboration of us and the use of the exceptional capabilities of artificial intelligence. The purpose is to display the incredible potential of AI when paired with imagination. The purpose is not only to provoke curiosity, but to display the infinite and limitless potential of our human minds. Sometimes, we lack the means to express our full potential, but with the rise of the technological revolution in this chapter of humanity the gap between our creativity and reality is becoming bridged. By embracing new technologies such as artificial intelligence and what it could do, rather than fearing it, we can discover what good it can do. Humanity has a come a long way, even so, has barely scratched the surface of what could exist and be experienced.

We welcome you to explore our collection of themes, some may be familiar to you, and some might be entirely new. Either way, we ourselves at timace just love to browse the different themes for some inspiration.

Do you like a theme extra much? All of the art here is also available for purchase as canvas and poster.


The watches has been a passion project by the founders of timace which is what initially started the idea of creating a business. The idea came from a place of seeing Life as it is regardless of what happens.


Seeing how the pursuit of passion unites people rather than causing a divide, we wanted to emphasize this connection which elevates human beings universally no matter who you might be or what your story is.

With that, we wanted to create a watch that celebrates this connection we share. 'Stargaze' can be found here on our webshop.


You guessed it right, this watch is dedicated to the power of living in the moment, so we simply named it 'Moment'.

It is in the here and now where it all happens.

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